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The story of Happy at Workouts begins on a dark and stormy night in Berlin…

Actually, this night was one of many dark and stormy nights because we were in the middle of a cold and snowy German winter.

I was sleep deprived and sitting shoulder to shoulder with other Americans in an old Berlin apartment that had been hastily converted into a startup office.

The creaky wooden floors and flowery ceiling decorations, from a bygone era, contrasted the cheap foldable plastic tables covered in an endless tangle of wires, computers and phones.

As most Berliners (the people, not the donuts) were getting ready for bed, our US sales department was buzzing with a cold-calling competition. We fervently contacted American companies waking up in New York to close new deals for a startup that was said to be the next unicorn.

As the phone rang and I waited for someone to pick up, I would watch little snowflakes melt instantaneously on contact with the steamy window that was fogging up from all the activity. Despite the noise, bustle and lack of personal space, I had never felt so isolated and alone.

I knew I was doing exceptionally well at work, but felt unhappy, unfulfilled and exhausted. Around 2am, I pulled on my coat and walked by singing street artists to the U-Bahn. As the flurry of snow began to pick up pace and the music faded in the background, I decided it was time to quit my job.

This was the beginning of Happy at Workouts.

At the time, I didn’t understand my job was not responsible for my unhappiness. It was how I handled the stress of my job that was making me unhappy. Simply put, I was overstressed, burned out and I had no idea. I thought quitting was the answer that would make me feel better.

This decision started me on a journey in search of happiness. My background in physics made me think there was an elusive formula that would explain my emotions. To find it, the following days, weeks and months were spent immersing myself in research.

As winter melted into spring, I was surprised to find that there was a science to happiness in a field officially known as Positive Psychology. I was even more surprised to learn that happiness needs to be strengthened like a muscle and strong happiness muscles turn workplace stress into a catalyst for high-performance.


To make a long story short, I used this science to help myself and then to help the corporate world.

In combination with my experience as a corporate trainer for negotiation and public speaking in both the United States and Germany, I have spent over 8 years forging the most formidable science-inspired tools for business related to high-performance, productivity, leadership, and communication.

My happiness program specifically started with in-person workshops and over time, expanded and evolved into an online wellness program designed to create a framework for a shift in workplace culture, using microhabits.

Additionally, I now have had the honor of presenting about the science of happiness as a TEDx speaker and have completed the online certification program “The Science of Well-Being” from Yale University.

I’m proud to have to have teamed up with Dr. Heath, a physician who has 30+ years of experience in the health and wellness space, to provide the ultimate transformational content for teams.

Bottom line, there's unlimited success potential at the majority of businesses that starts with a culture centered on happiness.

With a lion-like roar and a sprinkle of fairy dust from science, we speedily transform cultures and unleash untapped talent.

Get ready to be in awe of yourself and your team, thanks to the feel-good science of happiness at work!



Chief Happiness Officer

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Chief Happiness Officer

My specialty is forging the most formidable productivity and performance tools for business, using the latest and greatest from science.


Dr. Heath

Health & Wellness Expert

My specialty is using my 30+ years of experience in promoting health and wellbeing, as a physician, to guide best practices that promote happiness at work.

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VP of Happiness in Berlin

My specialty is providing startups in Berlin with a pathway to success centered on happiness and turning your spark into fire.

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