Q: What is burnout? 

Q: What are happiness muscles? 

Q: Is the smell of stress contagious at work? 

Q: Are you a stress superstar? 

Q: What is Happy at Workouts?

A: Happy at Workouts is a radical new approach to wellness at work that encourages not only happiness, but also the good kind of stress.

Simply put, Happy at Workouts is like an online gym for your team's happiness muscles.

Q: What makes this different?

A: While most wellness initiatives focus on the external environment, our online program facilitates an internal transformation by strengthening team "happiness muscles".

Q: How does it work?

A: The bottom line is your bottom line is determined by how well your team manages instinctive stress.

We use daily "workouts" to teach teams happiness microhabits that retrain the instinctive stress response. Participants learn how to be happier at work and in life, but also how to thrive during stressful times.

Q: Why is this important?

A: In terms of society, burnout has now become an epidemic with 2 out of 3 professionals experiencing some form of burnout.

In terms of the company, the bottom line is your bottom line is determined by how well your team manages instinctive stress.

95% of daily business decisions are determined by emotional habits, especially related to stress. These emotional habits are highly contagious in team ecosystems. Our secret sauce is making change bite-sized for busy teams.

Q: What inspired the idea?

A: Using her experience as a Chief Happiness Officer in the United States and Germany, Shannon developed this learn-by-doing approach to minimize training time and maximize long-term outcomes, fast-tracking change through contagious group dynamics, consistency and accountability.

Q: Why does it work?

A: There's laser-like focus on providing actionable takeaways that can be applied throughout the day under pressure, as a team, to create a muscle memory for happiness.

Q: What problems does this program solve?

We use happiness science to:
✔️Fast-track growth & success through happiness-based leadership
✔️Increase productivity and willpower, while unleashing team potential
✔️Foster team harmony & communication
✔️Maximize employee engagement & retention
✔️Encourage high-performance without burnout
✔️Promote health, happiness & wellbeing

Q: What makes this program uniquely different?

We build a powerful framework for a rapid cultural shift towards happiness by making change bite-sized and leveraging group learning.

Each day teams adopt 4-minute microhabits, based on happiness science, that celebrate productivity, performance and people.

Q: Why are happy workplaces destined to be the new normal in business?

hr trends vs happiness-01.png

Compare data that identifies top HR priorities in 2019 to data about what happiness achieves in business. Every year we're looking for the secret sauce in HR. It always comes back to unlocking the infinite potential in teams. Talent goes down the drain every day in stress-based workplaces. Instinctive stress isn't bad.

We simply never learned how to harness the power of stress with happiness. Any innovation in HR designed to forward these objectives should pay homage to happiness at work.