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Corporate wellness program & happy-at-work science online

This is how you feel when you have a personal Chief Happiness Officer…


Hi, I‘m Shannon! As the founder of
Happy at Work(outs), I’d like to welcome you to

the best corporate happiness training on the planet.

I say this because happiness is just like a muscle and our community is the first to approach happiness-at-work this way, with a “happiness gym” online that retrains the instinctive stress response. Therefore, I’m changing SaaS to HaaS: Happiness as a Service to provide the ultimate corporate wellness program that creates cultural change.


Using my experience as a corporate happiness coach in both the United States and Germany, I've created an online wellness program that's like having a personal Chief Happiness Officer cheering you and your team on every day.

In only 30 days, we can strategically turn the hundred-million-year-old stress instinct into a catalyst for high-performance, saying bye-bye to bad stress that leads to burnout and unleashing sustainable superpowers at work.


Here, you’ll find happiness science made bite-sized.

These strategies help the busiest teams stress less & unleash productivity superpowers, creating a culture centered on happiness & high-performance.


 Happiness science to the rescue!

Why do happy teams have superpowers at work?

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Happiness Is More Than A Good Feeling

According to science, it’s a physical state that primes the brain for high-performance.

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Sales 37%

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Productivity 31%

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Accuracy 19%


“A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks by 19% as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements…”

-Shawn Achor, Harvard Researcher
Quote from "The Happiness Dividend"



Training That Makes Happiness Science Helpful To Your Day


What’s different about this method?


Because happiness is like a muscle and professionals have stressful schedules, this program emphasizes practice over passive learning and uniquely makes the participant’s busy schedule the medium by which to learn.


Instead of teaching happiness-at-work techniques in one single workshop, this program deconstructs strategies into learn-by-doing daily exercises delivered in the form of quick video “workouts” for 30 days.


Participants learn one concept to apply throughout the day. This realistic repetition is the most effective learning method for the emotional mind, creating sustainable change. Participants walk away with long-term results.

Where do I get started?



  • The first learn-by-doing online course about happiness science that’s specifically designed for the busiest professionals

  • For 30 days, participants watch a quick, online video “workout” that primes the day for happiness & high-performance (average video length: 4-minutes) by teaching a science-based happiness lesson

  • They then use their busy schedule as a realistic training ground to repeatedly apply the day’s technique to bounce back from the instinctive stress response

  • The course isn’t about being happy all the time, it gives participants a framework to understand the role all emotions play in how the most successful teams think, feel & perform

  • Participants learn stress-management tools that helps them to use stress as a catalyst for high-performance and to avoid burnout

  • Over time, key happiness muscles become strong and participants develop a strategy for long-term happiness, creating a culture centered on happiness.


  • Week 1: Happy-at-Work Fundamentals

  • Week 2: High-performance, Willpower & Productivity

  • Week 3: Happy Leadership, Charisma & Communication

  • Week 4: Creativity, Problem-Solving & Mind Relaxation