This program teaches science-inspired microhabits that help you to:

  • Turn bad stress to good stress, even under pressure

  • Tap into hidden willpower & intrinsic motivation (instead of relying on extrinsic factors)

  • Have happier and high-performing work days

  • Access the peak performance “flow” state

  • Inspire, lead & seamlessly communicate with your team via happiness science

  • Relax the mind to maximize the mind, rocketboosting creativity & problem solving

  • Cultivate resilience to failure and persistence during difficult tasks

  • Emulate best practices, related to productivity and wellness, established by highly-profitable companies that are known for their workplace culture

  • Increase engagement and reduce turnover

Other Program Highlights:

  • Highly-actionable takeaways that get immediate results

  • Inspired by the latest and greatest from happiness science

  • Build a long-lasting muscle memory for happiness & high-performance at work


For 99% of human history, it was a survival advantage to get easily stressed out. This program turns the fact that teams are stress superstars into a benefit for the modern business world.

2 out of 3 professionals are experiencing some form of burnout from “prey stress”. This is the bad stress, associated with defeat and retreat, that happens instinctively at work. It’s prompted by common little things every day, from rushed projects to office drama.

Predatory stress, the good kind of stress, is associated with the fierce perseverance and confident pursuit of goals. This is necessary for success in business and it is naturally embodied by high-performance professionals.

Because we’ve become desensitized to stress as a workforce, prey stress too often goes unnoticed and unmanaged. Additionally, the stress we do observe can seem quite subtle and yet it effectively suppresses more-precious-than-gold team talent.

This program trains teams to turn that same suppressive stress into a catalyst for high-performance and their best work.

It’s important to note that stress isn’t inherently bad. In fact, we can’t even control the instinctive stress response that results automatically from common events at work. What determines whether stress is good or bad is how effectively professionals react to instinctive stress and transmute the raw energy of it towards something constructive.

In daily 4-minute training videos sent directly to their inbox, participants are given life-changing tools that help them unleash the primal potential of predatory stress, while promoting happier and more harmonious work days. As a result, teams quickly become masters of navigating the nuances of good and bad stress and speedily convert prey stress to predatory stress in high-pressure situations

Because the entire team learns and applies the same microhabit in tandem, just like strengthening a specific muscle, it speeds up an otherwise slow and tedious process of change. We call this habit crowdsourcing. Ultimately, the daily microhabit becomes an anchor for team unity and it actively rallies participants around a common goal, noticeably spreading positive change and rapidly building a happier workplace culture.

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Meet the Trainer

For over 8 years, Shannon has worked as a corporate trainer in both the United States and Germany, forging the most formidable productivity and performance tools inspired by science. She’ll guide your team on a life-changing adventure that will unleash their primal potential with a lion-like roar.

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Quick Summary


Chief Happiness Officer Shannon will be your team’s expert guide on this adventure!


Unleash your team’s primal potential with a lion-like roar as your team learns how to turn instinctive prey (bad) stress to predatory (good) stress on in 4-minutes a day.

Where: Into the wild we go! Your team will get a 4-minute video delivered to their inbox every morning that teaches 1 science-inspired microhabit to apply throughout the day.


Stress is super sneaky. This is why 2 out of 3 people on your team are likely experiencing some form of burnout, according to the data. We can turn this instinctive stress into a catalyst for high-performance.


Because everyone practices the same microhabit in tandem, our secret sauce is to use habit crowdsourcing that leverages contagious group behavior as well as happiness science.