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Like A Gym for Your Superpowers At Work

How busy professionals get superpowers:


The first online course to deconstruct
the science of happiness into bite-sized workouts
that build muscles for happiness & high-performance at work.


Welcome to a 30-day adventure disguised as an online course!

Together, we'll build a bold culture of happiness
with a lion-like roar and a sprinkle of fairy dust from science.

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Hey Superhero!

it’s Nice to meet you. My name is Shannon and I’m the founder of happy at work(outs). It’s an honor you’ve come here to learn more about something so personal and so powerful - your happiness.

I've worked as a corporate consultant in both the United States and Germany for companies like Deutsche Bank, Starwood Resorts & Hotels, A.T. Still Medical School, brandwatch & Delivery Hero.

My specialty is forging the most formidable productivity and performance tools for business, using the latest and greatest from science. I'm bringing a decade of my experience of making scientific research practical and applicable to the corporate world in this course.

by far, happiness is my favorite topic that we can now officially deem a science.

Get ready to be in awe of yourself and your team as you unleash the untapped talent and unlimited success potential at your company via the feel-good science of happiness at work!



But enough about me, tell me about you!

It’s great that you’re here - send me a hello and introduce yourself. As a thank you, I’ll send you my eBook Monday Funday FOR FREE!

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Happiness Is Now A Science that Unleashes Superpowers


Happiness is NOT just a random, feel-good emotional state that comes and goes as it pleases. Happiness is literally a physical state that indicates our brain is powered up and ready to give it's best performance.

Science discovered that we are in control of our happiness and we can even learn how to be happier, especially at work.



Happy at Work(outs) is the first learning-by-doing online course that deconstructs happiness science into daily, actionable takeaways.

these daily videos are like a gym for your key happiness muscles.


course length:
30 days

daily workouts:


Happiness at work is the holy grail of success and high-performance in business.

However, even though happiness at work is destined to become the new normal in the corporate world, teams are often TOO BUSY to learn about it or to consistently apply fundamental happiness techniques.

My top secret sauce is taking the life-changing science of happiness and making it bite-sized for busy professionals! 


 Happiness science to the rescue!

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 Have you ever thought to yourself…?

“I know what to do, but I don’t do it”
- or -
“I want to think positive, but that’s easier said than done”

Most of us have because our emotional brain
learns & performs differently than our logical brain!

Unlike most courses that only teach your logical brain what to do,
Happy at Work(outs) trains your EMOTIONAL MUSCLES HOW TO DO IT through “workouts”.


THE What…

I take advantage of the fact that most people have a jam-packed schedule and use that as a realistic training backdrop to apply happiness strategies under pressure. 

Instead of teaching one big workshop, I've created the first learning-by-doing 30 day online course that turns profound happiness science into concise daily, actionable takeaways.

Course participants will prime their day for what I call “high-performance happiness” by watching a 4-minute video “workout” in the morning that deconstructs happiness science and makes it practical.

The Why…

Surprisingly, happiness is in our control and will unleash hidden superpowers at work.

In fact, our emotions are just like a muscle that requires consistent practice. Thanks to our survival instincts, we’re very practiced in being stressed out. That’s why Happy at Work(outs) is like a gym that strengthens key happiness muscles.

Because the focus of the course is to not just learn, but to APPLY happiness in realistic scenarios and under pressure, we retrain our emotional reflexes and cultivate happiness in the speediest way possible.

the Where…

This is not one of those ra-ra motivational courses that work for a short time and then fade into the background.

I’ve created a very specific structure to cultivate and sustain happiness LONG-TERM!

Get your superpowers now at:

Happiness techniques benefit everyone around you, especially when you’re the leader…



Week 1:

Happy-at-Work Fundamentals

Week 2:

High-performance, Willpower & Productivity

Week 3:

Happy Leadership, Charisma & Communication

Week 4:

Creativity, Problem-Solving & Mind Relaxation


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watch day 1: The Introduction

All of the workouts are 4-minutes. This is the intro video that lays the foundation and is the only 21-minute video.


Check out day 2 and day 7 of the workouts…

All videos make happy-at-work science practical and strengthen specific happiness muscles over time.

day 2: Monday - You’re 1 in 400 trillion

day 6: Friday - get sold on gratitude

day 4: Wednesday - Happiness & Friendship

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