Startups are prime territory for burnout

Our online program uses happiness science to encourage rapid growth in the delicate startup ecosystem, without burning out.


Growing a successful startup is high stress and teams are constantly pushing the limits of productivity and problem-solving. Better managing stress means optimizing every business outcome.

How does the program work?

Each day for 30 days, teams receive a 4-minute video “workout” that teaches one science-based microhabit.

When the entire team applies the happiness microhabit throughout the day as a group, it completely transforms the workplace culture and turns stress into a catalyst for high-performance.

Teams learn how happiness science can be applied to the following areas:

  • Leadership, Communication & Charisma

  • Team Harmony, Employee Engagement & Retention

  • Productivity, Motivation & Willpower

  • Problem-Solving & Creativity

  • Growth Mindset & Constructive Feedback

  • Mind Relaxation & Sidestepping Burnout

According to Gallup…

87% of workers worldwide feel emotionally disengaged from work.

While mature companies can ignore this statistic, the entire success of a startup can be dependent on motivating its team to a higher level of emotional engagement.

Program Highlights

  • The first learn-by-doing online program about happiness science that’s specifically designed to create a cultural shift for busy teams

  • As the team applies the daily microhabit as a group, it creates a positive framework for consistency and unity that speedily replaces instinctive habits from stress-based work days

  • Busy schedules are used as a realistic training ground to learn-by-doing new habits

  • The course isn’t about being happy all the time, it gives participants a framework to understand the power of stress and the role that all emotions play in how the most successful teams think, feel & perform

  • Participants walk away with effective tools that cultivate happiness at work and in life as well as stress-management techniques that help them to use stress as a catalyst for high-performance and to avoid burnout

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