How to Make Stress Your Superpower

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👇 Part 2: The Strange Thing About Stress [3:49 minutes]

Top 3 Takeaways

  • Stress acts like a "primal coffee" and results in a physical state when aggressive hormones heavily influence how the brain and body function for hours (and even days) after the initial stressful event.

  • In this stress state, the logical brain is limited in various ways because for 99.9% of human history, it was beneficial to react first and think later.

  • Common events at work are misperceived as "threats" by our survival radar and we instinctively and repeatedly release stress hormones throughout the day, without even knowing it.

👇 Part 3: Step 1 - Awareness [3:08 minutes]

Top 3 Takeaways

  • Because we've been desensitized to stress as a workforce, the first step to making stress your superpower is cultivating awareness.

  • Observing your emotions is the best way to do this and negative emotions are ALWAYS an indication of some form of stress, which again is a PHYSICAL STATE.

  • Negative emotions (stress in disguise) are a language and when you speak that language, you can distinguish between good (predatory) stress and bad (prey) stress.

👇 Part 4: Step 2 - Action [6:12 minutes]

Top 3 Takeaways

  • The second step to making stress your superpower is taking immediate action as soon as you recognize a negative emotion by changing the way you move or changing the way you think.

  • The reason why this is important is because your reaction to the automatic stress instinct determines whether the stress is good or bad (whether you're the predator or the prey).

  • To easily remember this, you have a "To Does" list. "Does" stands for a different happiness hormone and if you activate these at work throughout the day, you harness the power of the stress response.

👇 Part 5: Step 3 - Exercise Happiness at Work Like a Muscle [7:21 minutes]

Top 3 Takeaways

  • Because you can't control what instinctively stresses you out, the final step to making stress your superpower is to frequently and repetitively exercise happiness like a muscle at work.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, uses gratitude to turn "the grind" into good stress.

  • Stress is contagious through a wide variety of unspoken signals, like smell, therefore it's imperative as a leader and team member to build strong happiness muscles.

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