1-on-1 Skype Happiness Coaching (1 hour)

1-on-1 Skype Happiness Coaching (1 hour)

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Executive Happiness Coaching via Skype

Tailor-made Skype coaching sessions designed to maximize the application of science-based happiness fundamentals that activate superpowers at work.

By personalizing these principles, you'll see yourself mastering the ups and downs of the work day, including high-pressure periods with the ability to:

-rapidly find solutions, think quickly and be ultra-creative in any situation
-unify teams with contagious charisma and compelling leadership
-avoid burnout and boost overall health, fulfillment and wellbeing

The surprising fact is that research repeatedly shows how happier work days are not dependent on the type of job or specific circumstances.  As a result, happiness principles consistently help individuals as well as companies:

-outperform the competition by over 200%
-revitalize teamwork and various aspects of the company as a whole
-rocketboost profits, ideas and innovations

By creating a customized happiness strategy for individual team members, we offer the perfect recipe for being authentically happier and naturally high-performing at work.