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It’s nice to meet you! My name is Shannon and I’m the founder and Chief Happiness Officer here at Happy at Workouts. It’s an honor you’ve come here to learn more about something so personal and so powerful - your happiness.

My specialty is forging the most formidable productivity and performance tools for business, using the latest and greatest from science. I’ve worked as a corporate consultant in both the United States and Germany.

Happy at Work(outs) is the culmination of a decade of my experience that makes life-changing scientific research practical and applicable to the corporate world, giving companies a major competitive advantage.

Bottom line, there's unlimited success potential at the majority of businesses that starts with a culture centered on happiness.

With a lion-like roar and a sprinkle of fairy dust from science, we speedily transform cultures and unleash untapped talent. Get ready to be in awe of yourself and your team, thanks to the feel-good science of happiness at work!

 But enough about me, tell me about you!

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