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How to Make Stress Your Superpower


In 20 minutes ⏰, you’ll speed-learn the strategy and science companies pay thousands of dollars to teach their teams to unleash untapped potential 💪, to rocketboost productivity 🚀, and to cultivate the happiest and highest-performing workplaces on the planet 🌎 without burnout 😊.

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↗️ Shannon is a Chief Happiness Officer, corporate educator and TEDx speaker who has worked internationally, consulting companies like Deutsche Bank, AirAsia, and Universal Music.


Get ready for highly-actionable takeaways that get immediate results!

You’ll learn how to:

👉 Maintain strong social relationships and demonstrate leadership during stressful times by staying calm and collected

👉 Handle stress like a boss with science-based strategies used by high performers like Gary Vaynerchuk

👉 Access the high-performance “flow” state more frequently via the science of happiness

👉 Harness the energy of the fight-or-flight response towards something constructive

👉 Avoid burnout, depression, and brain fog from excessive and unmanaged stress

👉 Turn bad (prey) stress to good (predatory) stress, even under pressure

👉 Tap into hidden willpower & intrinsic motivation

👉 Overall, have consistently happier and high-performing work days

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Why is happiness now as famous in business as Lady Gaga is in music?

Happiness is NOT just a random, feel-good emotional state that comes and goes as it pleases.

Happiness is literally a physical state that indicates our brain is powered up and ready to give its best performance.

Science discovered that we are in control of our happiness and we can even learn how to be happier, especially at work.

Here's a taste of what happiness can do for us at work, according to one of Harvard's happiness researchers, Shawn Achor:

  • happy teams are 31% more productive

  • happy salespeople sell 37% more

  • happy doctors are 19% faster and more accurate when making a diagnosis

Happiness helps team access untapped talent and has a long list of benefits we didn't fully appreciate or know about until 20 years ago, when the official science of happiness (Positive Psychology) was born.

In this course, we'll be going into detail on how to PRACTICALLY APPLY the science of happiness to supercharge your...

- Productivity
- Willpower
- Creativity
- Problem-solving Abilities
- Charisma
- Communication
- Leadership Style
- Team Dynamics
- Social Relationships
- Ability to Relax, Recharge & Avoid Burnout

The good news: happiness is the holy grail of success and high-performance in business.

The bad news: even though happiness at work is destined to be the new normal in the corporate world, there's one reason companies have failed to speedily adopt happiness principles: THEY'RE TOO BUSY.

As a corporate happiness consultant for companies like Deutsche Bank, I observed that the biggest barrier to creating a sustainable culture of happiness was the lack of consistency in applying happiness strategies long-term.

This is a problem because happiness is just like a muscle and if you don't use it, you lose it!

The good news about the bad news: This is why I've created Happy at Workouts.

My top secret sauce is taking the life-changing science of happiness and making it bite-sized for busy professionals!

I take advantage of the fact that most people have a jam-packed schedule and use that as a realistic training backdrop to apply happiness strategies under pressure.

Instead of teaching one big workshop, I've created the first learning-by-doing online course that turns profound happiness science into concise daily, highly-actionable takeaways that get immediate results.

Course participants will prime their day for high-performance by watching a 4-minute video (on average) in the morning that deconstructs happiness science and makes it practical.

Because there's one key focus, this sets up the participant to start the day powerfully and masterfully builds their happiness muscles as they apply the lesson through the ups and downs and under pressure (the BEST way to LEARN).

Remember the treasure map I mentioned?

Here's the general outline of it and what you can expect along your adventure to get to the treasure:

To start, you’ll get an email that identifies "the villain" (cue suspenseful music). If you don’t defeat it, this villain will stand in between you and your superpowers every step of the journey to happiness.

After that, starting Monday, each day of the week is assigned to a theme featuring a KEY science-based happiness fundamentals.

Here’s a speedy summary of what you’ll learn:

  1. Research finds emotions hold the lock and key to our intelligence, with 95% of our daily decisions being emotional. You'll learn a framework to better manage the instinctive stress response that overreacts during the work day and turns off the logical, thinking brain. As a result, you'll have tools to avoid burnout and to use stress as a catalyst for the high-performance state called “flow”.

  2. Happiness science explains happiness is more than a feel good, fluff emotion, it's a physical state that optimizes our brain and body for peak performance. You'll learn to master the science-based fundamentals that make you happier at work and rocketboost: health, productivity, creativity, charisma, problem-solving, willpower, communication and more.

  3. Happiness is highly-contagious, essential for charismatic leadership and correlates with increasing profits. You'll learn how to be a hero for change in your office and spread a positive mood, without even saying a word.

It's important you do your best to watch the video on the day of the week assigned to it.

This is because we'll anchor a happiness fundamental to each day of the week so that after the course ends, you'll have a structure to continue your happiness exercises.

I'm excited you're here because above all, we're using science and circumstances at work to go on an internal journey that helps us explore something so profound and so personal to us - our happiness.

As a child, happiness wasn't as elusive as it is now. What changed?

It all comes down to these emotional muscles that become more practiced in stress than in happiness.

With consistent effort, we can return to the child-like wonder with the advantage of a new, mature perspective that unleashes our superpowers not just at work, but in life.

Let the adventure begin!

Smiles & Sunshine,


The Chief Happiness Officer

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