Transform Your Team in 30 Days

Our secret sauce is to use microhabits to achieve total alignment with teams on a daily basis.


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How does it work?

For 30 days, participants watch a 4-minute video workout that primes the day for happiness & high-performance by teaching a science-based microhabit.

The overarching objective is to achieve high-performance through happiness. Additionally, important themes for work are explored in light of happiness.

Weekly Curriculum:

Week 1: Happy-at-Work Fundamentals

Week 2: High-performance, Willpower & Productivity

Week 3: Happy Leadership, Charisma & Communication

Week 4: Creativity, Problem-Solving & Mind Relaxation

Program Highlights

  • The first learn-by-doing online program about happiness science that’s specifically designed to create a cultural shift for busy teams

  • As the team applies the daily microhabit as a group, it creates a positive framework for consistency and unity that speedily replaces instinctive habits from stress-based work days

  • Busy schedules are used as a realistic training ground to learn-by-doing new habits

  • The course isn’t about being happy all the time, it gives participants a framework to understand the power of stress and the role that all emotions play in how the most successful teams think, feel & perform

  • Participants walk away with effective tools that cultivate happiness at work and in life as well as stress-management techniques that help them to use stress as a catalyst for high-performance and to avoid burnout

What’s different about this method?



Because happiness is like a muscle and professionals have stressful schedules, this program emphasizes practice over passive learning and uniquely makes the participant’s busy schedule the medium by which to learn.


Instead of teaching happiness-at-work techniques in one single workshop, this program deconstructs strategies into learn-by-doing daily exercises delivered in the form of quick video “workouts” for 30 days.


Participants learn one concept to apply throughout the day. This realistic repetition is the most effective learning method for the emotional mind, creating sustainable change. Participants walk away with long-term results.