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Make Stress Your Superpower During Finals Week



  • Turn bad (prey) stress to good (predatory) stress, even under the pressure of finals week

  • Unleash fierce talent & hidden potential

  • Tap into hidden willpower & intrinsic motivation

  • Have happier and high-performing study days

  • Access the peak performance “flow” state

  • Relax the mind to maximize the mind, rocketboosting creativity & problem solving

  • Cultivate resilience to failure and persistence during difficult tasks

  • Learn fundamentals essential to your professional and personal life, beyond college


WHEN: The session is currently full! Use the form above to be added to the waitlist. The workshop is on Saturday, April 27, 2019 @ 2pm EST

WHERE: Online Webinar (Link is sent via email)

WHO: Hosted by Chief Happiness Officer Shannon

SUMMARY: 😫 Stressed about finals week? Make stress your superpower 💪😊. You'll learn 3 life-changing strategies, based on high-performance 🚀 science, in this fun online workshop. Taught by a Chief Happiness Officer (and former ASU grad), you'll be given the same high-performance secrets that global multi-million-dollar companies use to produce their best work, without burnout. Get ready for highly-actionable takeaways that will help you turn bad stress to good stress, not just this week, but in life. ⏰ Hurry, space is limited! Cost: $30

Feeling overwhelmed from the stress of finals week?

Don’t just survive. Thrive! READ ON…


In 90 minutes, learn the science of turning bad (prey) stress to good (predatory) stress, unleashing your fierce talent and avoiding burnout.

For 99% of human history, it has been a survival ADVANTAGE to get easily stressed out.

As a result, we’ve evolved to be stress superstars and we can use this to our ADVANTAGE again in the modern world. But, we need to learn a new set of tools that helps us to use this primal instinct, without burnout.

Finals week can be a pinnacle of stressful emotions. 31% of college students say finals are their biggest source of stress.


It might be surprising for you to hear that stress, with the right tools, can be a good thing and even fuel your best work.

You: “What?!”


I know. It sounds like a stretch. However, in this online workshop, you’ll walk away with highly-actionable takeaways that get immediate results and see exactly what I mean.

Let me explain…

After graduating from Barrett Honors College at ASU, I became a corporate consultant and worked in both the United States and Germany.

My specialty was making new research in science practical for the business world.

For example, I would teach negotiators how to use behavioral science to produce a higher value deal in a high-stakes negotiation.

Ultimately, my Type A personality at work resulted in a burnout from excessive stress.

What I didn’t understand at the time was:

I burned out not because stress is bad, but because I didn’t know how to manage my stress.

That’s exactly what I will teach you to avoid.

See, there are 2 types of stress: bad (prey) stress and good (predatory) stress.


Good stress is associated with the confident pursuit and indomitable perseverance necessary to achieve big goals.

Bad stress, on the other hand, is about defeat and retreat.

But, this is just the beginning and I want to share the key information you can apply to make good stress your superpower!

To make a long story short, I used my science-based approach to solving problems in the corporate world, in my own life. I studied research about happiness, high-performance and stress management to recover from burnout.


After I used this information to help myself, I became a Chief Happiness Officer.

Now, I exclusively teach teams these science-based strategies worldwide to foster happy and high-performance work days.

I’m condensing the best lessons learned to help you turn stress into a catalyst for high-performance and avoid burnout, especially during finals week.

For example, does this sound like you?

Procrastination is simply a stress coping mechanism.

Taking breaks is an important part of successfully counterbalancing stress, but they need to be strategic to make stress your superpower.

We’ll talk about that and it goes far beyond a simple Pomodoro technique.

Or, maybe you are someone who can relate to this statistic:


NYU reports 38 percent of students get drunk and 34 percent of students get high on an illegal substance, often as their way of countering stress.

We’ll talk about this, too.

We all know that drinking and drugs are effective at numbing the feeling of stress, but relief is only temporary until the chemicals get filtered out of the body.

There’s no such thing as no stress and therefore, numbing out can only be a bandaid strategy.

In reality, stress is a precious source of energy. By learning how to harness the power of this ancient and instinctive reaction, instead of trying to make it go away, you can use the momentum of it to your advantage.

There’s a better way.


Join me for these 90-minutes and I will teach you everything you need to know about the science of making stress your superpower.

This information is essential not just for finals week, but for life.